Get outa town: Internet Research 8.0

Next week is conference time. No, not CMJ–that’s right here in the Big Apple. And not 4S either–are all the conferences in Montreal these days? No, I’m making my regular trip out to the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, appropriately entitled Internet Research out in Vancouver. I had initially intended to make a detour down to my old stomping grounds in Seattle, to visit old friends (like Nasai Teriyaki ^_^ ), but I’ve cut that short since it’s hard enough to be away for a week during the semester.

The natural question is “What’s that conference about?” Luckily, this year I can answer that, since registrants were (mostly) kind enough to tag their interests. And so I present the Internet Research 8.0 official tag cloud! For those of you unfamiliar with these things, the size of the font corresponds to the number of people who tagged their interest that way. Also, in this case, if two terms are close to one another they are more likely to have co-occurred. (This is far more true of the very top of the list than the bottom, where it’s generally isolates.) You can click the image below, or go to an HTML version. Oh, and IR8.0 isn’t a tag–it’s a title.


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    hope to see you there alex.

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    reproduced and properly refereed in the Brazilian blogosfere

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