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I so want this

Sign me up for the Aptera Typ-1. Wonder if I could get Quinnipiac to install plug-in parking spaces…
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What long tail?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the long tail, and its effect on online retailing. Basically, the idea is that as the cost of inventory, advertising, and delivery come down, there is an incentive for online retailers to have very large inventories. This means that they can mine niche products, rather than […]
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If my commute were about 100 miles shorter, I would so do it on one of these leaning three-wheeled hybrid scooters from Piaggio, the makers of Vespas. These can be plugged into a wall for charging, and run all electric for short (<12 miles) jaunts. If you fire up the engine, you still get 170 […]
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Invisibility on demand

I dig encephalopods. As one of the brightest creatures, I sometimes wonder why they didn’t develop an advanced society. At one point faculty at one of my former schools had considered teaching a course in animal communication (well outside any of our areas of expertise) in which each faculty member would come in and talk […]
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