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One of the programs I teach in is run, at least partially, under the auspices of QU Online. I noticed this week that QU Online had started tweeting. Cool! But when I looked at the content of the tweet, not-so-cool: Quinnipiac University offers online master’s degree programs as well as online certificate programs for students. […]
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MPOV on NPOV – inconvenient truth

None of these statements are true: * Jupiter is the 9th planet from the sun. * George W. Bush is the worst president in US history. * Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Truth Talking There is a video up on YouTube by IJsbrand van Veelen called “The Truth According to Wikipedia,” which […]
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Global villages 2.0

The USA Today has an article today on the “blurring of social circles online.” It doesn’t quote danah, so I think it’s suspect from the outset (kidding!). Really, I want to note a couple of things. First, the author (Janet Kornblum) did something kind of interesting: set up a Facebook group to gather opinions. She […]
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Rising narcissism among college students

A psychological report that indicates that self-esteem programs have given us a generation of narcissists is getting a lot of attention in the media. The authors argue that decades of being told that “gosh darnit, people like them” has gone to the heads of today’s college students. Moreover, it seems social technologies encourage narcissism. Jean […]
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