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Big Law Barbie

So you may have noted that Mattel is getting a little bit of guff over their Dom Barbie, to add on to the general problem of the doll’s body mold. On the other hand, Barbie is breaking gender stereotypes with the “I can be” career series. Who knew women could be baby doctors or art […]
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Moog Guitar

I’m interested in this new guitar from Moog for a few reasons. First, I’m curious as to how it will affect music: will we be hearing this instrument to a much greater extent? Given that similar music could be produced in post-production or digitally, why is it that this will happen? Is it a question […]
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Your Sample Just Exploded

This is so cool. Yes, Melodyne has been around for a while, saving vocalists from their own flatness. But what really makes this interesting is what it means for samples. It’s hard enough now to detect the use of a sample, as it is folded, spun, and mutilated. But at what point does it stop […]
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Thumb Hack

At first, I wasn’t sure this story was real: a 28-year-old Coloradan went under the knife so that he could have pointier thumbs. That way, he is better able to use handheld computers, including his Blackberry. It seems like a fake story, to be sure. Probably because it is. But what makes it interesting is […]
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