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Suitless future

You know what people in the future used to wear? Jumpsuits and shorts. By Blade Runner and Fifth Element, we had pretty much done away with that. But in a future in which air conditioning is shunned as unhealthy for ourselves or our planet, can we assume folks will be trading in their three-season wool […]
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Thumb Hack

At first, I wasn’t sure this story was real: a 28-year-old Coloradan went under the knife so that he could have pointier thumbs. That way, he is better able to use handheld computers, including his Blackberry. It seems like a fake story, to be sure. Probably because it is. But what makes it interesting is […]
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Great Pockets

Ah, I have been working on something like this (more news later), but it looks like Great Pockets has beat me to it. Nice use of Flash here–not something I am usually wont to admit.
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Kevin is playing with using his new helmet-cam to record his everyday experience. I did this a few years ago, trying to record an entire day, using a webcam and my laptop. Mine was, by necessity, shoulder-mounted, rather than head-mounted, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The idea runs back to Mann’s sousveillance or […]
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