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Megan on National Geographic

Found a video on YouTube of my little sister Megan telling the story of her shark attack a last year.
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When I was a grad student, a group of faculty and grads talked about doing an animal communication class. Despite none of us knowing anything about the subjects, we figured we would each take a week and present some of the research and ideas relating to communication within the species. There were some obvious choices: […]
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Live Giant Squid

Looks like a Japanese team has filmed a live, tiny (24 foot) giant squid on the surface near Ogasawara. Well, live until they caught it, that is. So, they’re on the side of the boat saying how pretty it is–why not cut it free. I guess I know why not, because we don’t usually find […]
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Invisibility on demand

I dig encephalopods. As one of the brightest creatures, I sometimes wonder why they didn’t develop an advanced society. At one point faculty at one of my former schools had considered teaching a course in animal communication (well outside any of our areas of expertise) in which each faculty member would come in and talk […]
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