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Why Spy?

So, I like the idea of Spymaster, at least in some ways. I think the web design is great, and the writing is fun. But the gameplay–to me–seems to mix the worst of grinding with the worst of social network spamming. So, my question is: why do you play Spymaster? (I do–or have done–and have […]
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Man v. Shark

OK, this is just too cool. Sharkrunners is a game set up by the Discovery Channel for people to learn more about sharks. Human players take on the role of captains of virtual research ships, tooling around coastal waters looking to collect data on sharks. The sharks are controlled by–sharks! Yeah, the wii controller is […]
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Article on kids in MySpace

I was interviewed for a short article on MySpace for the Buffalo News (thanks to David for the reminder). The moral panic was kept to a minimum, I think. In the article I suggest that parents should be searching the web for their kids’ social spaces, and that this is not the moral equivalent of […]
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MMOG Identity Leakage

A group of students and I are rolling out a survey for gamers who play Massively Multiplayer Online Games like Everquest or World of Warcraft. If you or someone you know plays such online games, I would very much appreciate it if you could encourage them to fill out our survey. It can be found […]
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