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Embarrassing moments

And now, a scene from my glamorous Manhattan lifestyle: I’m headed down the stairs to walk my dog, The Finn, and as I get down to the lobby, I hear a heated argument, and a door slamming. OK, I live in a crowded city, this isn’t the strangest bit of life you can overhear. Voice […]
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O Happy Three 2008

A friend is stage managing a series of one-act plays on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights here in New York. If you have time, check them out. If the descriptions are any indicator they should be interesting! Flier: pdf.
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Suitless future

You know what people in the future used to wear? Jumpsuits and shorts. By Blade Runner and Fifth Element, we had pretty much done away with that. But in a future in which air conditioning is shunned as unhealthy for ourselves or our planet, can we assume folks will be trading in their three-season wool […]
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The Working NYC Harbor

Went on a harbor tour last night–a hidden harbor tour. Fun stuff. I’ve always loved the shipping industry, and almost ended up going in that direction at one point. Containerization is awesome. The photos are mostly “scenic” rather than of the working harbor. Unfortunately, I am relying on my old Minolta until they replace my […]
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