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Last stops to Buffalo

Tomorrow morning (at 4, because I am too damn cheap thrifty to spend $50 to take a cab to JFK), I am making my second to last trip out to Buffalo. I’ll be home for the weekend, and then I’m headed out next Tuesday for my last, UB-related, Buffalo trip. OK, I will probably be […]
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Update on job search

This is the season for looking for an academic position (actually, a little late in the season) so I am spending a little time talking to local or commutable universities. I am being a bit picky about where I am applying, and will be a bit picky about who I accept a position with, if […]
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Job blogging

I just erased a long entry about why I was leaving UB, and what I am looking for in a new job. It took a while to write, and it was probably good for me to write it out. But it was also probably also too honest to do me any good. Transparency has its […]
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Ceci n’est pas un blogue?

Rubel points to a posting on the BuzzMetrics blog about whether blog readers know they are reading blogs. It turns out they may not, according to a survey by Neilsen/Netratings. As the entry notes, anyone that works with blogs already knew that, but it’s nice to see it backed up with data. I remember talking […]
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