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On teaching at Quinnipiac

This draws the close on my second teaching appointment, having taught in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University from 2006 to 2012. I recently sat next to someone on a plane who was about to receive her Ph.D. in Communications, and she noted that it no longer seems like you take an academic job […]
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Thesis Defended: Chheng-Hong Ho

Congratulations go to Chheng-Hong Ho, who successfully defended his thesis Negotiating Motherhood Using ICTs in Taiwan-US Transnational Households this morning, at the University at Buffalo. (I was chair and Mary Cassata the second member of the committee.) The work consists of interviews of members of families using IM and chat to communicate between the US […]
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Getting cold in here

I recently went to see Avenue Q, which features a great number on Schadenfreude. It was a little chillier in Manhattan today, enough that we closed the windows last night. In Buffalo, they are snowed in. They closed the airport–which never happens. There are motorists stuck out on the interstate. And as much as I […]
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Bespoke Blogging: Elmwood Strip

Congratulations go to Paul Visco, who presented his MFA project to his committee (Josephine Anstey [chair], Loss Pequeño Glazier, and me) today. The project, which I’ve written about before, is the Elmwood strip community site, which has existed in various incarnations since 2002. The initial site was started as part of a Virtual Communities class, […]
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