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Alter Career

Thanks in part to Prof. Eco, and the model of the Pillow Book, my blog needs more lists. Careers I might have enjoyed (and may yet), instead of being full-time faculty: 1. Inventor / Engineer 2. Architect / Urban Planner 3. Astronaut 4. Novelist 5. Stunt man 6. Ship’s captain 7. Actor 8. Intelligence analyst […]
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Advice on Campus Interviews

Some time ago, I posted some ideas on preparing an application for an academic post. If you are lucky, one or more of the places you applied may ask you to come and visit, often after a phone interview. What are some key things to do and not to do during that visit? Let me […]
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New job: Quinnipiac

This has been sitting around as a draft for months, and is probably the worst-kept secret ever. I’m excited to announce that I have accepted a position at Quinnipiac University, as Assistant Professor of Interactive Communication. I was lucky enough to interview with a few really great universities, but Quinnipiac offered, and I was happy […]
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NYU salary sucks, apparently

Interesting article in the Chronicle (subscription needed, at this point), indicates that the higher salaries of the top universities often come with much higher costs of living. For example: The index of more than 300 places sets the national average at 100. Fittingly, Normal, Ill., the home of Illinois State University, is right at the […]
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