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Not X?

This blog is rated… PG? That doesn’t quite explain why I’m blocked by major filters. The rating changes depending on what is on the main page. I have a feeling that if it slurped up my archives, it would get a different rating, but even my cyberporn category only gets us down to an R. […]
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My power-lawed blog

Over the last several years, a number of researchers have written about the hyperlinked structure of the web and how it changes over time. It appears that the natural tendency of the web (and of many similar networks) is to link very heavily to a small number of sites; the web picks winners. Or, to […]
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The feeling is mutual

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The current state of blogging

[I just found this in cleaning out my system. People were reading my unfinished posts–can’t find anything on the ! bug in wordpress. So I cleaned them out. I wrote this on November 15, 2004, but obviously I didn’t finish :). Rather than trash it, I publish. ] More of the Same As with every […]
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