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Quantified Scholar

One of the themes of my book (you know, the book I keep talking about but keep failing to snatch from the outer atmosphere of my imagination, where it seems to reside) is that by measuring, you can create change in yourself and in others. Given that, and the immense non-being of the book, its […]
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TL;DR: The Future of Attention

I am proposing a session for Internet Research 11.0 (Gothenburg, Sweden, 21-23 Oct 2010) that focuses on the role of attention in internet-mediated communication. The panelists will be asked to present very briefly on a topic relating to attention and networked technologies, with the aim of spurring a lively conversation. While there are a range […]
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The current state of blogging

[I just found this in cleaning out my system. People were reading my unfinished posts–can’t find anything on the ! bug in wordpress. So I cleaned them out. I wrote this on November 15, 2004, but obviously I didn’t finish :). Rather than trash it, I publish. ] More of the Same As with every […]
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So, you have a video recording keeping track of what you do all day, which is probably looking at a computer screen and at cows and stuff. (OK, maybe just me.) We are social, what we want to record is our interactions with others. Redeye to the rescue! By lighting up an IR LED and […]
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