Google Cam Hunt

This is a fun diversion. A posting on Boing Boing notes that this search string in Google ==inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=”== yields a bunch of Panasonic net cameras that are open to the web — most, it seems, are from Japan. Some random ones:

* Somewhere in Japan (can’t read where)
* Seal TV, in case you wanted to watch people in Atlanta selling seals (?!)
* Puppies at the WanWan house (i.e., Woof-woof house).
* Labled as RLE Front Door, I have to assume it is a night-time view of this
* A dark something in Cortland, NY
* A courtyard in Houston
* Twinkly lights in South Wenatchee, Washington
* More blinkenlights at Creative Solutions in NE Wisconsin
* a harbor somewhere in Japan?
* Maybe a school, maybe in Sendai?
* The Awaji “Flower Galleries”
* Central Blavand (in Denmark)
* Fairwind Farms, Maryland
* Somewhere on the coast of Japan — The signs are almost readable.

Would make a fun game, though, yes? Two teams get each get a set of random working cameras, and the one that can most effectively track down the locations wins?

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  1. Posted 1/9/2005 at 3:56 pm | Permalink

    Funch automated this process, creating a page that grabs the top 500 and updating regularly :).

  2. danny
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