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The fairest of them all

Look at the images to the right and pick the one you find most attractive. I know, they are all dashing. But many psychological studies have suggested that we find faces with more symmetry (as well as faces closer to the “average” face) to be more attractive. Also, it seems more attractive people get higher […]
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The bibliomancy meme redux

I’ve been tagged by Michael Zimmer with a bibliomancy meme. Regular readers know that I am a sucker for bibliomancy and “webomancy” of various forms. I was happy to participate in this theme’s grandfather over four years ago, and even created a script that did blogomancy. So, the instructions are as follows: “grab the nearest […]
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So High School

Damn! I was aiming for the 7th grade-level. (via AKMA, whose blog I am able to comprehend only when sober and undistracted ;).)
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Not X?

This blog is rated… PG? That doesn’t quite explain why I’m blocked by major filters. The rating changes depending on what is on the main page. I have a feeling that if it slurped up my archives, it would get a different rating, but even my cyberporn category only gets us down to an R. […]
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