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Open Analytics and Social Fascination Talk

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Sidelines for street acrobats

We did not foresee that the men would have more problems with sexual performance (maintaining their erection) than the women in the scanner. All the women had a complete sexual response, but they described their orgasm as superficial. Only the first couple was able to perform coitus adequately without sildenafil (experiments 1 and 2). The […]
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The fairest of them all

Look at the images to the right and pick the one you find most attractive. I know, they are all dashing. But many psychological studies have suggested that we find faces with more symmetry (as well as faces closer to the “average” face) to be more attractive. Also, it seems more attractive people get higher […]
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Sicko: Moore with less Moore

Went to see Michael Moore’s most recent documentary, Sicko, today. I enjoyed the film very much and strongly encourage folks to go out and see it. I was pleasantly surprised by it in a number of ways. In particular, there was some very inspiring stuff in there about democracy and self-rule. You probably have already […]
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