25 random things

I have managed to evade this 25 things meme that has infected Facebook. But now I have been officially tagged by Ms. Perry, who can–I believe–see Sarah Palin’s house from her back yard. And so, I am cheating, and following Liz Lawley (who was following Julian Dibble), on a 25 things with an obvious twist:

1. I got my head but my head is unraveling; can’t keep control, can’t keep track of where it’s traveling.
2. I know what I know.
3. We all invent ourselves and, uh, you know me.
4. It was many years ago I became what I am.
5. I want to learn such simple things–no politics, no history–till what I want and what I need can finally be the same.
6. It’s always the same: I’m running towards nothing, again and again and again.
7. I want this bliss but something says I must resist.
8. Nothing ever happens, and I wonder.
9. If you want me, you can find me: left of center.
10. I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity, who uses a machete to cut through red tape, with fingernails that shine like justice.
11. I must react to claims of those who say that you are not all that.
12. Oh, let me be your teddy bear.
13. I’m on a road to nowhere.
14. I am the passenger.
15. I prefer you behind the wheel, and me the passenger.
16. I’m finding it harder to be a gentleman every day.
17. Sex and drugs and rock and roll is all my brain and body need.
18. I can’t help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling.
19. Oops. I did it again.
20. I’m on the pavement, thinkin’ about the government.
21. I’m like a stepping razor, don’t you watch my size, I’m dangerous.
22. I’m on my way I’m making it, huh!
23. They got a name for people like me, too: El Macho.
24. I know it’s gonna happen someday, to you.
25. I’d rather be whistling in the dark.

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