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Price perfection

One of my gred students, Kevin Lim was interviewed for a story in the Buffalo News about pirating Black Friday sale fliers for the internet. You may have seen the earlier story in the New York Times. I was interviewed for the story as well, and it was actually a longish interview. This is one […]
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Coding Ships

Though as a Democrat (yes, I got fed up with the local Greens and besides, I was hoping I could have an impact on the primary process), I should be scandalized by this, my inner Neal Stephenson and my inner Monty Python are both loving the idea of a H1B cruise ship, hovering (possibly) in […]
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Google Video

More beta fun from Google (yes, I am becoming a Google fanboy): Google Video (Beta). If you produce a video, upload it, and they will index it and allow you to sell it. Cool. I have a project coming up. I had planned to leave it openly available, but now I wonder if maybe I […]
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Remember the classic 1984 Apple television commercial. Ever since, Apple has built its identity around outsider computing. Has the iPod changed that? A send-up of the 1984 ad (quicktime), ends with the tag: In 2004 Apple Computer sold 8.2 million iPods. Remember 1984, when we said we wouldn’t be like “1984”? Yeah… well… whatever.
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