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Web Education in Schools

Great talk by Anna Debenham at Mozilla Drumbeat in Barcelona a couple weeks ago…
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Mozilla Drumbeat: Enter the Lizard

Who knew so much could be packed into so few hours. I’ve spent the last week burrowing out from things that piled up while I was in Barcelona at the Mozilla Drumbeat festival, an event dedicated to creating a learning web. Over this period, some things have marinated a bit, and so this is not […]
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Free Range Assessment

Over the last few months I’ve been keeping a close eye on the development of the (Mozilla and P2PU) School of Webcraft. (Here’s a 103 second introduction.) One reason for this is obvious: I’m interested in how people learn to produce content for the web, and I am interested in teaching using the open web […]
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Networked Teaching

Abstract for my “Internet Research 11.0” paper, to be presented this coming October… Networked Teaching: Institutional Changes to Support Personal Learning Networks Much of the educational literature of late has made a marked shift to the perspective of the individual learner at the center of a network of learning resources in the form of other […]
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