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What does the university offer?

The answer is obvious: courses. But you can get courses anywhere. I’ve written about this before (Dealing Out the Uni), but Jim Groom’s effort to get a new server for his course via Kickstarter has me thinking again. Earlier this week, in the context of discussing what the traditional university provided that crowdsourced and open […]
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Another non-course

Chatting with the program director tonight over dinner, I discovered that my “Locative and Mobile” course is unlikely to “make”–just not enough student interest. This despite efforts to poll the students and move toward something they wanted. Really disappointing, since this was the course I was most looking forward to working on next semester. Luckily, […]
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Free Range Assessment

Over the last few months I’ve been keeping a close eye on the development of the (Mozilla and P2PU) School of Webcraft. (Here’s a 103 second introduction.) One reason for this is obvious: I’m interested in how people learn to produce content for the web, and I am interested in teaching using the open web […]
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