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Adam Curtis – The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

It the following over-simplification valid? It seems to assume that there really is a grand narrative, and we have somehow lost it. Maybe the current state of journalism is a reflection not of confusion, but of realization that there are multiple perspectives and many ways to tell a story. The question is whether hearing this […]
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Berkeley: Multimedia Journalsim Fellow

I just saw this. Would likely be of interest to some of the experienced journalists who have been through our program: Multimedia Fellow (2), UCB Graduate School of Journalism: The University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism seeks two experienced journalists with extensive multimedia skills to help coordinate a new School-based research and educational […]
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Bryant Park Project killed off

I’m sometimes put in the position of being asked by those in traditional media institutions what they can do to defend against the incursions of the internet. It’s rarely put exactly like that, but something similar. I try not to get too excited, because where they (rightly) see a potential threat, I see a lot […]
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No Blogs Allowed

Mark Cuban seems to like saying things that make no sense; it’s a good way of getting attention. Heck, here I am blogging about him. The Dallas Mavericks have banned from the locker room any writer whose “primary purpose is to blog.” The problem is that this rule has been applied to only a single […]
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