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Quinnipiac Chronicle and administrative “oversight”

I haven’t blogged about the ongoing saga of the Quinnipiac Chronicle, our student paper, which is facing administrative censorship. An editorial printed in the paper lays out the problems: efforts to constrain the way the paper represents the university and its policies. The president doesn’t like how his position has been portrayed in the paper, […]
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The feeling is mutual

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Steve Kroft wins Fred Friendly award

Quinnipiac University annually presents the Fred Friendly Award to honor those who have shown courage in defending free speech, and getting us the news we depend on as a democracy. Past winners have included many of the top broadcasters in the United States, including folks like Tom Brokaw and Jim Lehrer. This year’s honoree was […]
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Bespoke Blogging: Elmwood Strip

Congratulations go to Paul Visco, who presented his MFA project to his committee (Josephine Anstey [chair], Loss Pequeño Glazier, and me) today. The project, which I’ve written about before, is the Elmwood strip community site, which has existed in various incarnations since 2002. The initial site was started as part of a Virtual Communities class, […]
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