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East Coast v. West Coast / one love

I recently wrote about how I was torn between two “homes”: SoCal and NYC. Having just spent a bit of time in “the OC,” I have refreshed my memory for comparisons. How do they stack up? 1. Transportation I love being able to walk out my door and hop on a subway. The idea of […]
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Sister vs. Shark; draw

Personal post. I just heard that my little sister, Megan, was attacked by a 14- to 18-foot shark while surfing earlier today. I’ve talked to my family there, and they say that she is doing surprisingly well. The shark grabbed her and dragged her under, but she fought him off and got back to the […]
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Paging Mr. Halavais

I’m trying to find the charger for my PDA so I can sell it on eBay, but this has led to an involuntary sorting of things in my home office. In this process, I ran into this photo that my Mom gave me when I was in California this summer. It’s Jamie, Gary, Heather, and […]
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Car shopping blues

Car shopping can be a pain, but it mostly fades from memory quickly. I remember going to see a Porsche 911 for sale by a guy who lived out on the Balboa Peninsula. He had done a great job of updating the exterior. There was no interior. “I ripped out the interior, but then it […]
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