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KROQ and Extreme Nostalgia

I hate to admit how much KROQ insinuated itself as the soundtrack of my life. Of course, KROQ is still around (and pretty bleh), but there is now a web stream of KROQ of the 80s reconstructed. Not just a mix of the music, but drops and station IDs from the period. I just listened […]
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Your Sample Just Exploded

This is so cool. Yes, Melodyne has been around for a while, saving vocalists from their own flatness. But what really makes this interesting is what it means for samples. It’s hard enough now to detect the use of a sample, as it is folded, spun, and mutilated. But at what point does it stop […]
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Close Guantánamo

I started to assemble a list of candidates’ positions on Guantánamo and indefinite detention, but then found that Shayana Kadidal had already done it over at the Huffington Post: Clinton: Consistent advocate of Gtmo closure; co-sponsored Feinstein bill to close it down. A bit ambiguous at times on coercive interrogation; had wanted more detail on […]
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Question: How many pages of reading for a graduate class?

Although the number of subscribers to my blog has dropped off considerably (I grow tiresome), I know that there are still some active faculty who read it; so, a quick question for you: how many pages of reading do you assign to your grad classes each week? My rough limits are 100 pages a week […]
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