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So, the cyberporn class was going to be simple. You know: daily lectures and a bunch of bubble-tests. But now, I am weighing which tech elements to include, and there will probably be a lot. The trick is, what I learn by using these technologies will end up becoming how I teach in every class…

Blog: I will have a class blog, but I will also provide students the option of keeping up a blog. I don’t care where they keep it, as long as it has an RSS feed. If they post weekly, they buy out an exam.

Podcast: I’ll already have a mic, and it’s pretty easy to record from there, so last night Kevin Lim convinced me I should also be podcasting it. Blog, recording equipment, seems like a natural addition.

Wikis: From the start, I’ve had an optional assignment that allowed students to create wikipedia articles on porn. I am borrowing a page from Jason Nolan and setting up a media wiki “staging area,” electing only the best to get moved up to wikipedia. Again, this is an exam buyout.

Frontchannel: The room is wireless, so I am going to encourage folks to bring laptops, and do an ongoing chat. The chat will be recorded and blogged. Someone did a chat transcript time-synched to a recording somewhere, but that may be asking to much. I’ll assign some form of credit for this — though I need to make sure I do this in a way that does not disadvantage those without laptops. (Maybe combine it with the blogging somehow? Or with comments on the central blog?) I may broadcast the discussion at times, as well. One of the advantage to this is that I can limit the amount of actual porn I show in the class, by providing URLs over the chat line. That way, those with laptops can surf to the sites. This doesn’t eliminate the problem (those sitting around them will still see the images), but it does provide a bit more finely grained access.

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