Three strikes

Three years running, now, I’ve had abstracts in to HICSS that I have failed to deliver on. I actually consider submitting something like that to be a promise to deliver, which makes it even worse. I have done it elsewhere: I was accepted for a NATO advanced studies institute in Russia, but didn’t hear until the last minute, and so I had to turn them down. (I had two other conferences I’d accepted for, though in retrospect, I should have gone to Russia.) And last year for AoIR I didn’t have the paper written up, yet, but at least I had some research to share. But for some reason, maybe the timing, or maybe the topic, I just don’t have stuff together for HICSS. It may be all for the best, given the tight travel budget for next year.

I was looking at ways of mapping textual similarity among blog entries. Everything that could go wrong did — unicode problems in reading the RSS feeds, paring down the networks of textual similarity, finding an MDS that worked (reasonably) with large data spaces. And once all was said and done, the clear outcome was that the similarities being measured were far too superficial, due to the brevity of most blog posts. I should have believed these folks pdf, who generally know what they are talking about, and determined that textual similarity wasn’t particularly effective for the blogosphere.

Anyway, it’s a bummer if not for any other reason because I’ve neglected other projects trying to get this one up and running. Now I get to dive into analyzing the data from our gaming survey and putting together the agenda setting paper I’ve got in the queue. The latter, of course, was supposed to make use of this new software tool. Time to do some reworking there…

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