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HTML as a network

No reason the structure of a web page couldn’t be visualized as a network graph. So, try it. This is what this page looked like before I made this entry. (I could try redoing it now that this entry is here–it’s only a one-level recursive process–but I think I should do something else instead.) (via […]
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Indicating trust with color on Wikipedia

The “wikilab” at UC Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs!) has a demo up for a proposed Wiki reputation system. The system looks at a users edits, and the length of time they survive, and decides that those with long-lasting edits are likely to be more trustworthy. It then allows you to visualize the elements of […]
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The Chronicle has a story based on the talks at Hyperlinked Society. It ends with: “In the physical world, it’s a matter of taking the three-dimensional world and making it two-dimensional,” said Mr. Dodge. But on the Internet, he said, there are more dimensions to consider. With all deference to Dodge, who is a genius, […]
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Exxon Secrets

Exxon Secrets is a They Rule-style exploration of funding and other relationships between Exxon and scientists and think tanks that are skeptical of climate change claims. I think this kind of exploratory forensic structure is a really interesting way to present information to the public. It should be the sort of thing that journalists are […]
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