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World Domination, part I

Google is finally going Dashboard. This can hardly be a shock — the only shock is that it is taking this long. Also a little shocking that they aren’t, even at this early stage, opening up the dashboard to any RSS feed, but can that be far behind? It’s an interesting balance right now. If […]
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Time Management for Anarchists

Mike and Emma explain all about structuring your time to unstructure the state. (via Dent)
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ZoomInfo Resumes

ZoomInfo is a search engine that provides “people information summarized.” It seems to be a hybrid of search engine and resume. Interesting, given the frequency with which people now use Google to populate their Farley Files. How do they do with me? Well, the first hit is pretty good, naming me as an Assistant Professor […]
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Google Weather

Looks like Google’s 20% is really paying off lately, now with Google Weather. Just type “weather” and a city name into google, and you get a report. “weather buffalo” yeilds: Now if only the calculator function and the weather function could be combined: “weather buffalo +50”.
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