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Comm Profs: not hot

I always thought communication faculty had a reputation for hotness. I mean, that’s particularly true of public relations and broadcasting (along with pharmaceutical sales), careers for which beauty seems to be a particular asset. But given our reputation as a bit of an air-headed or superficial major (this guy not helping), I figured we at […]
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The Halavis Virus

I just googled a mis-spelling of my name. No, this isn’t something I do every day. Google seems to have done away with many of their spelling corrections. It used to be, if you Googled the word “colour,” it asked if you meant color–something I pointed out in the draft of my search engines book. […]
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The market speaks on Vista

Newegg demonstrates that even in OS-land, market demand drives pricing.
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What long tail?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the long tail, and its effect on online retailing. Basically, the idea is that as the cost of inventory, advertising, and delivery come down, there is an incentive for online retailers to have very large inventories. This means that they can mine niche products, rather than […]
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