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Sorry, guys, really had hoped to get through more this year, and I’m cutting short what we are covering. I had, as you know, missed one of our weeks off, and that threw me off. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also officially part of fall recess. So, we aren’t going to cover a lot on […]
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Ed Amoroso on Information Security

On Monday (October 17), Ed Amoroso (CIO, AT&T) gave a talk here at UB on “Recent Innovations in Network Security” (RealMedia), focusing on the role of infrastructure and telecom folks in handling issues of security on the Net. His argument — “networks don’t run themselves” — is certainly AT&T-centric. Cool pictures of spikes in infrastructure […]
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Schoolof.info top blogs

The Schoolof.info blog server was one of the first university based blogging services in the US, though since it has been my pet project (with thanks for suppoer from the School of Informatics and the Educational Technology Center), and not a substantial, university-wide project, it still doesn’t sport that many blogs in total. Students sometimes […]
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Systems Class Readings

Sorry to have been out of the loop guys. I am now catching up on email and everything else. So, readings for next week are pretty light, in part because we’re a bit short on time, and in part because I want to talk a bit about some of the tech. For October 19 * […]
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