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[ir9] First session (and my paper)

Yesterday, the Internet Research 9.0 conference got going at IT University in Copenhagen with a set of workshops. I participated as a mentat mentor, and I’m not sure how much the doctoral students got out of it, but I learned a great deal. It’s an interesting way of meeting academically, since we tend to deliver […]
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Twittering the debates

It looks as though Current will be broadcasting the debates live with a Twitter overlay tonight, assuming there is a debate. Seems like an interesting (if distracting) way to watch.
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I’m on a Connecticut Radio (o, o, o, o)

This morning I was on WNPR’s “Where We Live,” hosted by John Dankosky, to talk about issues of social behavior and how new media affect it. You can listen from their site or download the MP3. The first 20 minutes are devoted to Dick Meyer discussing his new Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in […]
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1, 2, 3, 4

This is awesome: redeeming not only (as Boing Gadgets notes) Feist from repetitive iPod commercials, but Sesame Street from small red monsters that start with the letter E.
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