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“That one”

It seems that one of the most interesting parts of the debate last night, for many people, was McCain’s use of the the term “that one” to refer to his opponent. People have indicated that it was rude, dismissive, or even racist. First, I should note that I am willing to give McCain the benefit […]
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Does (American-style) Democracy Work?

“If they lie about us, then we will correct the record,” Obama said. “But this election is too important, too serious, to be playing silly games.” The media has been all about the campaign lies this year. Factcheck.org, a site with an august history, is probably getting more hits this month than it ever has. […]
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Wait, Gore said he invented the internet?

Had to see this coming. It’s really the lowest form of debate: intentionally misconstruing the opponents’ words to make him appear foolish. So, Palin in her first major speech notes that she finds community organizing to be next to a worthless pursuit, and nobody cares. Obama says that dressing up McCain’s policies as “change” are […]
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Is this thing on?

OK, this whole “I didn’t know I was being recorded while in a television studio” thing is getting old. Here are what Mike Murphy (former McCain campaign manager) and Peggy Noonan (Reagan speech writer) said when they thought folks weren’t listening: … Murphy: You know, because I come out of the blue swing state governor […]
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