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The blog server was one of the first university based blogging services in the US, though since it has been my pet project (with thanks for suppoer from the School of Informatics and the Educational Technology Center), and not a substantial, university-wide project, it still doesn’t sport that many blogs in total.

Students sometimes ask which blogs are getting the most hits. Well, during October (so far), the top number of hits have gone to:

1. Infomancy
2. Cyberporn & Society (currently hibernating)
3. Happy Together
4. Murky Waters of the Smurfs’ Garden
5. Speaking American
6. Informusings
7. Yakkety-yak
8. Ben’s Com Theory
9. Reel Around the Weblog
10. Ethernity

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  1. By at Alex Halavais on 10/23/2005 at 10:17 am

    […] A couple of people have wondered, given the top 10 list of blogs on the blogserver, what the top server-wide search strings are. That is, what phrases bring people to the blogs. Here are some of the most common. (Ironically, these search strings will now bring them to my blog; second-order effects.) […]

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