The MS grad’s job

One of the questions the faculty in the Interactive Communication program at Quinnipiac discuss is the sort of jobs people do when finished with the program. I don’t think we have a set job in mind, but this posting out of the Obama administration comes close:

New Media Director of an Agency

The New Media Director of an Agency of the Executive branch will work closely with the Communications Team within the agency to:

* Coordinate written, video, design, and development content
* Update, maintain, coordinate and develop web site, e-mail, various online social platform outreach, video, and other new media initiatives
* Get copy & messaging communications cleared by appropriate staff, and other departments if applicable
* Direct the schedule, timing and overall strategy of online program
* Liaison with other functional areas of the Department/Agency to better integrate online programming
* Investigate ways in which the agency can use new media tools to broaden and strengthen the agency’s reach and presence

The New Media Director will be responsible for:

* All new media communications, including but not limited to content, functionality, scheduling and execution
* Maintaining the agency’s agenda and message
* Managing other new media staff
* The overall technical performance, maintenance, and development of websites outreach platforms
* Working closely with the technical team to maintain best practice sites, security, and performance
* Interpreting and reporting various site statistics on a regular basis, and using these results to improve traffic and the effectiveness of the agency’s content and outreach efforts

Job Requirements:

* Exceptional communication and organizational skills
* Technical proficiency in day-to-day site administration or design and experience in getting results through vendors or contractors
* Ability to manage multiple people and projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment, and superior attention to detail
* Experience with online content and constituent management systems, understanding of online graphics and design, and knowledge of web analytics software and metrics
* Experience with web programming languages and development

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