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My blog’s influence

My influence [16683.2] Basically, it’s a ranking scheme that uses you Google PageRank, your Technrati inlinks, and your Bloglines subscriptions to determine how “influential” you are. I am one-millionth as influential as Slashdot, for example, and about a fiftieth of Smart Mobs, where I read about it.
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Changes afoot: RSS

Most of my loyal readers are reading this through a feed. I’ve been slowly engaging in a bit of improvement of the site–something that has been on the drawing board for a year, at least. To be more accurate, I am undesigning the site. So stop by when you get the chance. More to the […]
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Big Brother Eyes

You may notice some weirdness around here while I monkey with the blog, making it (as always) simpler. My original plan was a picture of my eyes like this (click for full size): But my design critic / spouse rejected it as “super creepy,” so I’m back to the drawing board. Turns out, she may […]
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All the young dudes

Microsoft has a new engine that predicts the demographics for a given search query or URL. Here’s their predicted audience for my blog: So the mode visitor is an <18 year old guy? Maybe my blog is a kind of inverse picture of Dorian Gray–it remains a beautiful 17 year old, despite its debauchery, while […]
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