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Return of the Feed

Thanks to Jeremy for pointing out that a recent update of WordPress to 2.1 resulted in losing my RSS feeds. I think all is well now. I’ve cleaned up .htaccess to that it isn’t automatically forwarding to Feedburner, and I may get back to the autoforward at some point, but for now, all seems to […]
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SPA Treatment

You may have noticed since my blogging haitus that I’ve added the Snap Preview Anywhere plugin. Lots of other people have as well, including wordpress.com. If you hover over any of the links on my site, you see a little thumbnail preview of where the link will take you. I’m not a big fan of […]
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Comments return

Thanks for all of your comments on… my comments. I got about a dozen comments and they were all great. I implemented the following: 1. Create content that sucks. That way, you aren’t a good target. (I thought I was already doing that, but will redouble my efforts.) 2. Block a set of IPs recommended […]
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No comment

My web host Dreamhost has shut off my comments because the comment spam was bringing down the server. They say no more comments until I can stop this. They recommend a CAPTCHA, but frankly, unless I’m missing something, that doesn’t solve the problem. As it is, Akismet is stopping these from actually coming through, but […]
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