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Must-see TV (ads)

There has been much hand-wringing over the effect of time-shifting on television commercials. This becomes particularly acute with systems like BeyondTV that automatically strip out commercials. The frightening prospects of automatic commercial deletions has led to questions over whether it amounts to theft. TiVo made an effort to combat the economic effects by layering their […]
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MyCheapPVR (part 2)

When last I posted (part 1), I was ready to throw everything into that little case and get it up and running using the Myth Knoppix install. My reasoning was this: if it really was just a matter of sticking a CD-ROM in the drive and moving forward, it was worth the try. The hardware […]
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MyCheapPVR (part 1)

I want a PVR: you know, a “personal video recorder,” one of those machines like TiVo or ReplayTV. But, here’s the catch: I’m cheap. Cheap, and slightly geeky. And lazy. So I’m building my own, as cheaply as possible, with as little fuss as possible. This first posting will lay out the plan, and then […]
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Why I’m not blogging

I’m not blogging, primarily, because I haven’t had two minutes free in the last week. I owe about 20,000 words to various editors, I have two papers that need refereed, I have a dissertation proposal and two dissertation chapters that need read, I have to help assemble a small grant proposal, I am trying to […]
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