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The growing case for states’ rights

The idea of “states’ rights” is most often associated with ultra-right positions: those seeking states’ control of abortion and discrimination laws. During a period in which the federal government was an effective protector of human rights and liberties, this made sense. But what happens when it is the states who are protecting liberties, and the […]
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End the War

I have to say, I am disappointed by Obama’s decision to forgo public financing of his campaign. I am far more unhappy about his unwillingness to stick to a sensible position on maintaining freedom from warrantless surveillance. But I think it is especially important that he reiterate his position on ending the War in Iraq […]
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Obama as a monkey

First, Limbaugh airs a comparison of Obama to Curious George, then a T-shirt depicting the same, and now this: a sock monkey version of a black presidential candidate. Race is being openly discussed for the first time in a long time, and with it, we should expect some real ignorance to show up, and racism […]
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Obama in 30 Seconds

There’s still a chance to vote on the finalists in the Obama in 30 Seconds contest for Citizen-created political ads.
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