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On the same page?

“What do you ask all your incoming graduate students to read before they arrive in the fall?” This was a question that was asked at the IT Deans meeting I attended last year (for Dean Penniman). Almost all the schools assign a book to read in the summer; we are one of the few that […]
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Beyond Emergence

Yeah, I know — sounds like the title of a bad S.F. movie. Anyway, I have a short essay up in the ASIST Bulletin called Social Informatics: Beyond Emergence. It’s a very broad kind of essay, but I would be happy to have any feedback on it.
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Not so scary

Tonight in seminar, John noted that he had a problem. He needed the URLs generated by Yahoo search. However, if you try searching for something on Yahoo, say cheese and you mouse over the first result, “I love Cheese!” and look down to see the url of the hyperlink in the message bar, you will […]
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Why I’m not blogging

I’m not blogging, primarily, because I haven’t had two minutes free in the last week. I owe about 20,000 words to various editors, I have two papers that need refereed, I have a dissertation proposal and two dissertation chapters that need read, I have to help assemble a small grant proposal, I am trying to […]
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