Scaling MT

Brighter folks in the department warned against trying to start a blogging system for the students in our program–at least without the resources (read “funded FTEs”) to support it. Think of the problems with user management, just as an example, they said. But I’m nothing if not stubborn, so the task of migrating to a still-underpowered production server naturally fell to me.

I now realize, too late, that the smart way to go would have been to dump the SQL database and reload it on the new system after mirroring the static part of the site. I’ll know for next time.

On the plus side, I’ve worked out a pretty speedy way of creating 40 blogs quickly. Through some python scripts and a MySQL batch file, I can download a classlist and create a blog for each member of the class. Yay SQL!

Update: Oops, scratch that! I had hoped that everything was stored in the SQL tables, but it looks as though there may be other things going on during the setup. Which means that for now I need to do the blog setups via the regular admin screen, and probably do the permissions that way as well. Eventually, maybe I can look at plugging into MT more directly–though my Perl is more than a little rusty.

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