Gorgeous gorges

Jamie, Finn, and I took a short walk along the American side of the Niagara Gorge today, just adjacent to the whirlpool. It was warm with just a bit of a breeze–perfect for a stroll. The whirlpool is a huge pool in the Niagara Gorge where the runoff from the Falls does a quick circle before heading out at an angle toward Lake Ontario. On the Canadian side, there is a cable car of Spanish design that goes back and forth over the whirlpool and has done so for nearly a hundred years. Though we didn’t see it today, there is also, apparently, a jetboat tour of the whirlpool for those who want a closer view.

I’m not too sure the jetboat is a good idea, though. The rapids run to Devil’s Hole, home of a dark evil snake god, and various misfortunes over the millennia. Buffy doesn’t have the only Hellmouth.

Did you know that they shut Niagara Falls off at night?

(As always, click for bigger versions of the pics.)

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    What’s the deal with people trying to go over the falls in a barrel anyway? Who’s bright idea was that?

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