Publication: Geographical Distribution of Blogs in the US

This will look familiar to regular readers of the blog, but the final version of the blog geocoding paper wound up in Webology. So even if you have read it before, you can now get on the NSA’s watch list by visiting an Iranian website. (Kidding. I hope?) Here’s the abstract:

Blogging has diffused rapidly over the last several years in the United States, but that diffusion has not occurred evenly. In examining the distribution of 191,294 weblogs sampled in November 2003, we find that while blogging enjoys popularity throughout the U.S., bloggers appear more frequently within particular cities. This project indexes American bloggers by three-digit zip codes corresponding to their location, and identifies the demographic factors that appear to encourage blogging. We find that cities with populations that are young, urban, and more tolerant of difference are likely to host more bloggers.

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