Sorry, guys, really had hoped to get through more this year, and I’m cutting short what we are covering. I had, as you know, missed one of our weeks off, and that threw me off. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also officially part of fall recess. So, we aren’t going to cover a lot on information retrieval, and I guess I am dropping the bit on programming. I really hope you will avail yourself of a programming course before you are through with the program. The ability to program will, at some point, be a requirement of all the undergrad programs in the School, and eventually, I suspect, all the grad programs. At some level, the ability to think like a programmer is an important part of being able to design information systems.

So, this is coming way late for next week, and while I know that many of you do not get to the readings until Tuesday or Wednesday (I can tell from the blogging), I also know some of you get to them much earlier. Sorry about the lack of notice. However, from next week on, we are only reading from the books you should already have.

October 26 –Human Computer Interaction

* Gould, J. & Lewis, C. (1985). Design for usability: Key principles and what designers think. Communications of the ACM, 28(3), 300-311.

* Gershon, N., Eick, S., & Card, S. (1998). Information visualization. interactions, 5(2), 9-15.

* Nardi, B.A. (2001). Activity theory and human-computer interaction. In Nardi, B.A. (Ed.), Context and consciousness: Activity theory and human-computer interaction. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press

November 2 – Computing in the Virtual Organization
* Brown & Duguid, all.

November 9 – Informatics of social change 1
* Vaidhyanathan, through p. 81.

November 16 – Informatics of social change 2
* Vaidhyanathan, all.

November 30– Mobility & Ubiquity
* Gershenfeld, all.

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    Thanks for writing it :).

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