Com Theory, Systems and Beyond

I know you have the chapters due next week. I had hoped to scan some short readings before I left town, but ended up a bit distracted. Instead, you will find in our readings space, a three things for next week: Bertalanffy, Kennedy, and Axelrod. Including next week, we have six more meetings (!). That means that I think postmodernism goes by the wayside. Either that or information society stuff. We’ll have to decide.

This will get us started:

October 26 – Systems
* von Bertalanffy, L. (1976). General system theory: Foundations, development, applications. New York: Braziller. Selection.
* Kennedy, J., Eberhart, C., & Shi, Y. (2001). On our nonexistence as entities: The social organization. Swarm intelligence. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann.
* Axelrod, R. (1984). The evolution of strategies in the iterated prisoner’s dilemma.

November 2 – Networks & Diffusion
* Simmel, Network of group affiliation.
* Lowrey & Defleur chapters on Two-Step Flow, Project Revere, and Diffusion
* Carley, K. M. (1995). Communication technologies and their effect on cultural homogeneity, consensus, and the diffusion of new ideas. Sociological Perspectives, 38(4):547-571.

* Monge, P. R. (1987). The network level of analysis. In C. R. Berger & S. H. Chaffee (Eds.). Handbook of communication science (pp. 239-270). Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

November 9 – Critical Approaches
* Adorno, T. W., & Horkheimer, M. (1993). The culture industry: Enlightenment as mass deception. Dialectic of Enlightenment (pp. 31-41). New York: Continuum.
* Bourdieu, all.
* Park, H. W. (1998). A Gramscian approach to interpreting international communication. Journal of Communication, 48(4), Autumn, 79-99.

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