[MITIA] Week 2 Readings

Now that your blogs have been created, you should be posting at least once a week.

Everyone should read and comment on the required readings for the week. I strongly encourage you to:

1. Be creative
2. Go beyond the readings
3. Read each others postings, especially on your own group blog, before posting.
4. Spell check
5. Post comments to others’ postings.

Required Readings
Anton Zuiker, Blogging 101
Sebastian Paquet, Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research
Dave Pollard, How to increase your readership and Secrets of breakout blogs

Readings that are optional for undergrads
Herring et al, Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs

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  1. mike Palumbo
    Posted 9/8/2004 at 3:24 pm | Permalink

    They are pretty good, i dont know what else to say

  2. Posted 9/9/2004 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    Mike: You might want to elaborate.

    Everyone: You might also find this interesting: Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask, a distillation of a lot of how-to-blog info.

  3. Posted 9/9/2004 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Forgot to cite that; it’s via Micropersuasion, which would be a great blog for you future PR folks to check out.

  4. Laura D.
    Posted 9/15/2004 at 11:09 am | Permalink

    It is so true how easy it is to get totally wrapped up and consumed by letter grade. As many have commented, it just shouldn’t be that way. On my behalf, I know that my past grades do not all reflect my knowledge. Just because you might have done bad in a certain subject does not mean that you didn’t gain anything from the overall learning process.

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