[MITIA] Announcing the Group Blogs

Here, in alphabetical order, are the group blogs for the class:

The Best Blog (optimism reigns supreme!)
Buffalo Bills
Dating Service
Poo Online
Smurfs’ Garden
UB Undressed

I do encourage you to take a look at what each other are doing each week, and maybe leave a comment or two.

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  1. Posted 9/8/2004 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    hey, this class if finally happening: got stuff up on my blog about flashmobbing with john barlow and wrote up an essay on my perspective. it was refreshing just being able getting an essay out the way i find poetically fit.

    been tinkering with the idea of glogging as well as blogging. also the topic of sousveillance is something i have been working on. got some ideas on toying around with poety and art towards figuring out how to actually do a health care blog.

  2. Patrick
    Posted 9/9/2004 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    Hey, I figured out how to attach jpeg images. Will this bog down the server?
    -P.F. –Best Blog

  3. Posted 9/9/2004 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    Generally speaking, that’s great. However, the way you have done this may raise the ire of some. By including the URL of the image as an image tag, many will consider this “leaching,” that is, using their bandwidth for your blog. In the case of the New Scientist, you probably won’t have an impact on their bandwidth bill, but it’s still good practice to host images yourself.

    How to do that? You’ll notice on your administration menu that there is an Upload tag, that will let you save images and upload them. Or (preferred) you can upload images to your UB web space if you know how to do that. I’ll have detailed instructions on this at a later date. Some caveats:

    (a) There is a fairly low limit on size: 96K, I think. That should be more than enough (the image you are using now is only 32K). But generally, you want to keep images small both in terms of dimensions and size because it does affect load times.

    (b) Don’t upload too much. You’ll likely never get to your 4M limit with text alone, but images will quickly get you there.

    (c) Try to keep in mind issues of copyright. Be sure to site (link) the source of an image. You are right on the line here, but especially given the nature of the content, you are probably OK. The one piece of advice I do have is this: if anyone ever contacts you and asks you not to use an image you are using, please take it down immediately. Leaving aside the legal issue, authors should be able to dictate–at least to some extent–how their work is being used.

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