MITIA: Class Notes

You’ve all gotten grades for the first period (if you haven’t, be sure to email me!), and generally speaking, the blogs were all over. Some were pretty solid, others needed improvement. Unfortunately, since last week, several of the blogs have flagged a bit. If someone in your group isn’t posting every day, you need to think about how to keep you blog up a bit more frequently. Performance that was acceptable during the first grading period will likely be considered substandard for the second period. That is, I expect continual improvement. The next grading period will end Tuesday, October 26.

In order to help you along with this process, I will be including several more required writing assignments. The other thing I strongly recommend is that you read some other blogs and use these to base your own writing on. These blogs should not, primarily, be diary-type blogs. They should be blogs that attract a wide audience and are designed for public discourse. This should be reflected in your own blogging. Thus, the assignment posted next should represent an opportunity for you to identify such a core set of exemplars. It is also a group assignment, so it is likely that you will need to contact one another to complete it. Remember, if you put contact information in your “Users” tab on the blog, only your fellow bloggers will be able to get at it.

IMPORTANT: I won’t be in class on Wednesday night or at my Wednesday office hours, so if you are trying to find me this week, be sure to come into my Tuesday office hours. I’ll be in LA for a workshop, where I will likely be showing a bunch of people what you have been doing with your blogs.

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