MITIA Assignment: Bloglines

Deadline: October 26

This assignment is going to take some teamwork among your fellow bloggers, and consists of two parts.

First Part

One of you (likely the “squad leader”) should go to Bloglines and set up a new account (click “sign up for free”). I would suggest you name it with the same name as the url for your group (e.g., “jamdc”). Whoever creates this account should share the user name and password with his or her group. They should also make their bloglines folder “public.” (To do this, click on “Options,” choose “Blog settings,” and choose “Yes, publish my blog and/or blogroll.”) Be sure to indicate in at least one of the postings where I can go to see your account. (For example, mine is at

Second part

Each person on the blog should add to the aggregator at least three feeds. At least two of these should be “public blogs”; that is, blogs that are designed to attract a large public audience. Obviously, you should each put up different feeds, so that the total number of feeds in the aggregator is, for a group of 5 people, 15 feeds.

If I were to do this, I would add the following:

* Gothamist: A blog about NYC culture, restaurants, news, and other stuff.
* Ultramicroscopic: A humorous blog about life, family and doodles. I include this one because, although it contains personal reflection, clearly has a wide audience. If it wasn’t clear from reading it, I could have surmised this by checking Technorati or Alexa. (The latter is of little help, in this case.)
* Word of the day – This is my non-blog example. I am a logophile. Today’s word is “maunder,” which is kind of appropriate. Other examples I could picked were a cartoon strip, or a page-a-day from Leonardo’s Notebooks.

Go teams!

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