Megan in Surfer

Picture of Megan HalavaisThere are a few magazines that are iconic enough that we would all probably want to be interviewed for them. Rolling Stone comes to mind. My little sister Megan recently was interviewed by the online version of another: Surfer. Here’s a section: In one of your interviews you said you were hitting the shark and were afraid to hurt it.

MEGAN: Everyone got the idea that I was pounding on it. I definitely wasn’t. I wasn’t really thinking about not hurting it, just getting away from its mouth. It didn’t really occur to me that anything I could do would hurt it. It felt so much stronger and powerful than me — obviously, because it was. Good thing you didn’t damage that shark, young lady. Carcharadon carcharias are a Federally protected species. Want to go to jail for shark endangerment?

MEGAN: I wasn’t punching it, I was pushing on it. I don’t really know what I was trying to achieve, but I just remember looking at my hands and they were shoulder-width apart. I was pressing on it with my elbows locked straight. Think the shark knew you were there?

MEGAN: I think it felt me on its back because it started to thrash more. Johnny explained it as: “It looked like it was starting to frenzy.” Like it got freaked out a bit. Were you freaked out a bit?

MEGAN: I remember feeling extremely calm, considering the position I was in. I just went into survival mode. I didn’t think about what I was doing, my body just did it.

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