Live Giant Squid

Image of giant squidLooks like a Japanese team has filmed a live, tiny (24 foot) giant squid on the surface near Ogasawara. Well, live until they caught it, that is. So, they’re on the side of the boat saying how pretty it is–why not cut it free. I guess I know why not, because we don’t usually find these things live, and being able to dissect it while it is newly killed probably provides a lot of insights that the ones washed up on the beach do not. Nonetheless, it seems a bit of a shame.

On the plus side, they suggest that they may be able to find more now that they know somewhere they hang out. (They took still images of a giant squid in this area two years ago.) It would be great to get film of these giant creatures in their native habitat. Of course, the idea that giant sea creatures live near a secret nuclear weapons site in the ocean off the shore of Japan hints at a particular brand of B-movie.

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